Pricing & Fees

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The only fee that Fundify charges is a standard advisory fee of 2% annually on your invested assets under management (AUM).
This annual fee is divided into monthly charges, amounting to approximately 0.017% of your invested AUM per month. The fees are assessed for each month, at the beginning of the following month.


Here are more details:

At Fundify, we are committed to actively managing your startup investments through a clear, transparent and straightforward fee structure. We’re dedicated to providing top-tier management of your investments, ensuring you have access to the best startup investment opportunities. This includes crafting a personalized asset allocation strategy for you, with an accessible minimum investment threshold of just $1. The advisory fee allows Fundify to provide all of this for you.
There are zero additional fees. Fundify does not charge for securities trading, nor for deposits or withdrawals, ensuring your investments are maximized without unnecessary costs.
The Fundify advisory fee for any given month is assessed and charged at the beginning of the following month. The fee is based on the value of your invested AUM on the last day of the month. For example, January’s fees will be assessed based on the invested AUM on the last day of January and then charged at the beginning of February. The fee is debited from the cash balance in your account, ensuring a seamless investment experience each month.

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