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The above returns consider investments in early stage companies over a 25-year period only, and the average returns per year (annualized IRR) have dividends reinvested (but they are not inflation adjusted). These rates of returns may not be achieved. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. Startups performance based on average annual returns between 1997 and 2022. S&P 500 performance based on average annual returns between 1997 and 2022. Index returns are gross of all fees and expenses.
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Have you ever invested in a startup?

Unless you’re a millionaire, probably not. Since the 1930s, strict financial regulations have favored the wealthy, limiting access for the majority of people.

At Fundify, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own innovative, early-stage companies trying to change the world, and to reap the benefits of these investments.

We make it easy

Fundify fully manages your startup portfolio in one simple app, giving everyone access to opportunities previously limited to only high net-worth individuals.
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Here's how we do it:

Startup investing for everyone

Investing in startups used to be exclusive. Fundify makes it simple by breaking open exclusive networks, lowering financial barriers, and opening up our tools and expertise to everyone.
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Expert portfolio managers

Portfolio managers

Stop wasting time in research rabbit holes, fumbling with untested models. Our experienced ProAdvisors meticulously source and vet opportunities, ensuring only the most carefully curated opportunities are added to your portfolio.

Learn more about our network of ProAdvisors and the technology powering their due diligence.
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Consistent diversification

Fundify is not a fund. Every month, one or more startups is added to your portfolio giving you exposure to a variety of private companies you can’t access anywhere else. That means with each additional investment you have the opportunity for startup returns.
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Strength in numbers

By combining member funds, both small and large capital investments receive the same deal terms. For the first time in history, everyone’s investment has preferential treatment. This is the power of pooling that grows with the Fundify community.
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No minimums. No accreditations.

Most startup investing requires accreditation or high minimum contributions, leaving many people on the sidelines. We’ve created an inclusive technology platform that lets anyone start building a fully-managed portfolio with just $1.

Introducing Proadvisors

Your startup investing delta force

By combining top technology with human review and networking, our ProAdvisors are able to evaluate thousands of startups to find distinctive investment opportunities.
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Scouting services
With years of dealmaking and investing experience, ProAdvisors sort opportunities bringing a unique selection to Fundify members.
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Diverse networks
With a wide range of backgrounds, ProAdvisors can source deals across different categories.
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Industry experience
ProAdvisors are encouraged to advise startups where they be value-add partners.
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Active investors
As Fundify members, ProAdvisors invest alongside you ensuring they are aligned for the long term.

Frequently Asked

Questions and answers

Fundify is an advanced investment platform that simplifies the process of investing in startups. Our primary goal is to connect investors seeking returns with innovative startups in need of capital. You can start your investment journey with Fundify today, with a minimum investment of just $1, making startup investing accessible to everyone.Fundify stands out due to our distinctive approach, where we do all of the tedious work involved with finding a valuable startup for you. Fundify leverages the expertise of ProAdvisors—individuals with specialized industry knowledge and experience. These ProAdvisors play a crucial role in ensuring top-notch sourcing, diligence, and value creation, providing our investors with unparalleled opportunities.Access to Fundify is currently an exclusive experience, available by invitation only. If you're eager to be a part of this exciting platform and want to join a community passionate about driving financial success and innovation, click the Join the waitlist link now.
Fundify takes pride in being the sole platform that genuinely unlocks the world of startup investing. Historically, strict financial regulations, dating back to the 1930s, favored wealthier firms, limiting access to startup investments for most individuals. However, Fundify stands out as an SEC-approved Registered Investment Advisor Firm, ushering in a new era where recent regulatory updates, combined with our cutting-edge technology platform, democratically opens up this investment opportunity to a broader spectrum of investors.

For the first time, investors can access an asset class with remarkable potential returns and no minimum investment requirements, all while gaining the confidence of investing alongside expert ProAdvisors. ProAdvisors play a crucial role in identifying and supporting the best startups. Fundify offers this unique opportunity within a state-of-the-art platform, marking the first subscription-based investment platform of its kind. Unlike alternate investment platforms that create funds or offer product rewards, we stand apart by directly investing in startups and handling all the intricate work for you, providing a truly distinctive investment experience.
By investing through Fundify, you have the opportunity to obtain preferred and common equity, debt instruments like convertible loans, or other investments such as Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs). Our focus is primarily on pre-initial public offering companies, covering pre-seed, seed, early stage, and later stage private companies. This unique investment strategy ensures that your investment translates into a real ownership stake in the chosen startup, aligning your interests with the success and growth of the entrepreneurial venture.

Fundify's investment strategy is designed to provide you with direct ownership in innovative startups. Whether it's pre-seed, seed, early stage, or later stage private companies, your investment aligns with the success and growth of the chosen entrepreneurial venture. Join Fundify today to not only participate in the dynamic world of startup investments but also to directly influence and share in the potential success of innovative businesses.
Our process is straightforward, ensuring a streamlined experience without cutting corners. Fundify begins by simplifying startup investing through a seamless and quick setup of your Fundify account. Here, you will answer a few important and required questions about yourself and your investment history. While you navigate this easy setup, rest assured that our platform is already handling the background work, sourcing startups from various high-value channels and conducting preliminary screenings to identify the most promising investment opportunities—typically ranging from 20 to 30 startups. Subsequently, Fundify Investment Analysts and seasoned ProAdvisors conduct thorough due diligence, providing comprehensive recommendations to the Fundify Investment Advisor Group. This group further refines the selection, narrowing it down to the top 5 candidates. The ultimate decision on which startup to invest in lies with the Fundify Investment Committee. Post-decision, Fundify initiates negotiations with the chosen startup and deploys capital on your behalf, making every step of startup investing a simplified and efficient process.
When you invest with Fundify, you are investing in specific startups that have been vetted by our ProAdvisor network and endorsed by our Investment Committee.
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