Why Fundify

March 6, 2024

Invest Into the First-Ever No-Minimum Start-Up Portfolio

Based on the median performance of the private market. Higher or lower gains are possible. Previous outcomes are not indicative of future outcomes

Fundify has democratized access to the fastest growing asset class: Start-Ups.

The SEC has wanted to protect the American public. More than 90% of Start-Ups that raise money go bankrupt. So they have only allowed “accredited investors” (people worth one million or more among other criteria) to enter this market.

But this means the SEC walled off the high-growth innovative AI, biotech, robotics and other exciting Start-Ups from the general public. Those with access have been able to achieve gains 3x greater than the public market.

There was no option for a safe and high-growth way for everyone to invest into the Start-Up market — so we made one.

How much do you need to invest to have made One Million Dollars?

Twenty five years ago, if you wanted One Million dollars, you’d have to invest $70 a month into the private market. Thanks to compound interest, your $70 a month would balloon into $1 million.

Based on the median performance of the private market. Higher or lower gains are possible. Low performing funds would achieve $X and high performing funds $Y.

Compare to the public market where if you invested the same $70 a day for 25 years you’d have $76,662.

After years working with the SEC to make this product available, we’re finally opening our wait list

The SEC typically works with financial products made for institutional investors. There, the smallest player brings in hundreds of millions of dollars.

They were surprised to hear we wanted to offer a no-minimum product to every American no matter their income.

But the data of the safety and gains in the market are too strong to ignore, so they let us create our product.

To keep up with demand, we’re letting in users through a waitlist. If you haven’t already, register for our wait list here.

Your future portfolio is here.

Now anyone can invest.

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